1961-1962 chevy pickup project:

Here's some quick links to pics.
More text and story later.
Here's a few pics of one of the parts trucks I bought for this project. It's a 66 K10 4x4
with no motor, transmission, transfer case, or differentials. It was setting flat on the ground.
This is how I found the truck in Atlanta, Nebraska when I went to bring it home 10/20/05.
Pic 1
Pic 2
The next day I brought enough stuff with me to at least get it pulled out and up on blocks.
As I was backing the trailer up to it I realized that the rear bumper on the pickup was wider than my trailer. So I needed to borrow a wider trailer. 10/21/05
Pic 3
Pic 4
Finally got the 66 home. That's the '61 workhorse truck bringing more goodies home. 10/28/05
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
A good day. Friends Josh and Justin Sasse helped me get the '66 parts truck off of the trailer, and also helped me locate and bring home a couple of front differentials for the '62 4x4 project. We spent quite a bit of time today taking the 14 bolt rear end out of the hauler and getting ready to install a Dana 70 dually differential. Thanks for the help guys!

Finally made it out to pick up the '62 GMC shortbox pickup today.
Justin and Josh went with me to pick it up. We used their crewcab and  trailer and brought the new playtoy home.
Here's a shot where it sat in the barn with truck tires piled in its box. That's Justin getting ready to toss tires.
Barn Pic 1

As you can tell, this truck has been reassembled with Chevy sheetmetal instead of the GMC stuff.
The only thing that's left to indicate its a GMC is the dash and instrument cluster. I haven't decided which way to go here. I  like the Chevy look but it IS a real GMC. I suppose it depends on what parts I can find.
Barn Pic 2

Looks like a good start for a nice hotrod!
Barn Pic 3

All loaded up and Justin is checking the front end tie down.
Barn Pic 4

Here's Josh checking the last tie down before we take off.
Thank again for all the help guys!
Barn Pic 5